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What is NSM?

Does your IT network breakdown causing productivity loss for your company? Do you have doubts on your organization’s security measures currently in place? Does someone in your IT departement review company logs? Do you truly know what’s going on on your network and trust that all corporate data is safe? Does your organization have compliance responsibilities (PCI, ISO or otherwise)?

 Questions like these can keep even the best IT administrators up at night. If answers are not found quickly, these questions can cost your organization time and money in corrective measures implementation. Thankfully, there is a solution; Virtual Guardian’s network and systems monitoring service.


 Our security monitoring service keeps an eye on all IT activities happening on your network and systems and flags anything suspicious. All suspicious activity is then isolated and analyzed by one of our certified technicians who are capable of identifying real threats from false positives. You are contacted in cases of critical threats.


 In a perfect world, you have a team of security experts at your disposal with the knowledge of how to eliminate all identified threats. Unfortunately, this is a luxury most of us can’t afford. If this holds true in your case, don’t worry: You can always let our reaction team purge all threats from your network or systems remotely or onsite.


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