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Business continuity

Continuity planning insures a quick company turnaround time following any disaster. The entire company is constantly at the mercy of natural, intentional or accidental risks (fire, water or electrical damage, theft etc.).

Our methods are:


  • Implementing a committee.
  • Definition of the managers’ tasks.
  • Evaluation of the range of the plan.
  • Definition and list of all the assets to be protect.

Evaluation of the impacts of a major issue on your business

  • Prioritizing the assets.
  • Vulnerability check.
  • Evaluation of the longest downtime period accepted.
  • Evaluation of the necessary resources.

Development of the continuity plan

  • To define a fail-safe strategy (general safeguard, redundancy, backup location etc.)
  • Documentation of the maintenance plan strategy.
  • Employee awareness.

Approval and establishment of the plan

  • Teach the plan to new users.
  • Personnel assignment; responsible for maintenance and follow-up.

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