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Systems security audit

Objective :

To analyze and evaluate your company’s information management infrastructure and ultimately, to recommend improvements according to the choices and policies already in place (or newly implemented).

The test consists of:

  • A verification of the configurations and various parameters related to the data-processing infrastructure (servers, services, software, etc).
  • An independent evaluation of the internal audits used by the company in order to preserve:
    • availability;
    • accuracy;
    • data confidentiality.
  • This test also answers the following questions:
    • Which type of protections and technologies are best in the fight against computer viruses.
    • Is there a backup strategy in place?
    • Is all or any of the confidential information in circulation encrypted?
    • Is the firewall really protecting the company?
    • Etc…

Our methods of operation include:

  • Analyzing the current configuration and performances of the system in place.
  • Discussing with company’s personnel in charge for the systems.
  • A revision of the existing system configuration insuring conformity with the security policy.
  • Written presentation of the report.

The audit report includes:

  • Configurations and practices used by the company
  • Recommendations to increase the level of security (processes, procedure, technological choices etc.)

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