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Risk analysis

Risk analysis allows you to understand what the potential IT security risks are with regards to your company’s mission and assets.


  • In depth analysis of your IT network’s architecture and parameters
  • To switch from a reactive approach, based on the current problems, to a preventive and proactive approach, based on potential problems.
  • To consider and understand IT security under various aspects.
  • To establish a flexible infrastructure on every level that would be able to easily meet the ever-evolving needs of technology.
  • To initiate a continuous effort to maintain and improve your company’s IT security.

This analysis consists of :

  • Identifying the company’s assets and the risks associated to them.
  • Identifying the vulnerabilities associated with the infrastructure.
  • Development of a protection strategy.

Our methods are:

  • Gardien Virtuel uses the OCTAVE methodology of the group.

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