Web application security

Are you having any doubts on your Web applications’ security levels? These days, IT managers and security professionals have mastered the art of securing their network perimeter thanks to firewalls and other such devices. Did you know that these devices are not infaillible and are just as efficient as the people and processes who manage them? In any case, today’s IT security specialists have already detected a new breed of Web application vulnerabilities. Firewalls and off the shelf commercial solutions aren’t enough anymore and consensus points towards Web application testing. Thankfully, processes and methodologies exist and can help you secure your side of things.

Virtual Guardian has developed its own Web application security testing methodology. It’s based on OWASP principals and can identify and highlight any vulnerabilities that your applications may contain. Our methodology is offered in three options:

− Light: Narrow and shallow testing. Targets about 60% of vulnerabilities.

− Classic: Wide and deep. Targets about 85% of vulnerabilities.

− Deep: Wide and very deep. Includes source code analysis. Targets about 95% of vulnerabilities.

Web application stress tests

Do you have a website or applications that is about to go online and you would like to know its technical imits? We can help. Our Web application stress tests can tell you precisely what capacity it can withstand once it goes LIVE. Here are a few of the tests we can perform for you:

− Capacity/load test: during this test, we will simulate a predefined number of virtual users (your discretion) visiting your website or using your application. This test will tell you how many people can use it before problems occur.

− Performance test: this test will tell you how your application will perform/react while a large predetermined number of users are using it.

− Transaction degradation test: this important test is able to isolate different transactional scenarios enabling us to determine which application or service is the least efficient and perhaps negatively affecting the overall system.

− Robustness, reliability and endurance test: this test will simulate a large predetermined number of users over a long period of time to see if the system can take the load and still manage all transactions normally.

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